Welcome Message To Golfers 


Kings Way Golf Club is committed to the ongoing safety of golfers and our staff. As a result, a number of precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure that everyone will stay safe in and around Kings Way Golf Club. Safety will rely on the full cooperation of golfers and our team members from the time we arrive at the facility until the time we leave.


We acknowledge that every golfer will make their own decision as to whether it is in their best interest to golf during these times or not. However, should you choose to join us, we will welcome you and require your full cooperation regarding the measures that have been implemented for everyone’s safety. 


General Messaging To Golfers


If you are showing any symptoms of COVID 19, please do not come to our facility.




The outside bathrooms on the golf course are open in season. The bathrooms opposite the pro shop are open. Enter through the doors located on the porch and only one person at a time is allowed. Be patient.


Tee Time Policy


Tee times will be spaced to 10 minutes apart to permit better social distancing. 

PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING ALWAYS (minimum 6 feet. apart), from greetings upon arrival until departure.


Please return your golf cart to the designated cart drop off area


The trash in your golf cart must be transported home with you or dropped in the barrels in the cart drop area.


PLEASE completely empty your golf cart of all personal belongings and trash.