League Play for 2020

League play is very popular among the membership at Kings Way Golf Club. We offer both 9 and 18 organized leagues for full members of the golf club. Our leagues foster fun competitions and enhance the social engagement of the membership. All full members are encouraged to join league activity and meet other members to play golf with during the season. Our leagues play from May until October and are organized with the league presidents and the pro shop staff.


Weekly Golf Leagues for Kings Way Members include: 


  • Tuesday 9 Hole Ladies league

  • Tuesday 9 Hole Men's League

  • Wednesday 18 Hole Ladies League

  • Thursday Men's 9 & 18 Hole League


Weekly leagues for Kings Way Members and Non-Members to participate in. We are welcoming new players for 2018.


  • Monday Mavens - Monday afternoons beginning at 3:00 pm

  • Thursday Quota League - For members and non-members of Kings Way Golf Club beginning at 9:00 a


League Information 


Monday Mavens
The Mavens are an informal Group of Lady golfers from all over the Cape who play from mid-April to Mid October on Monday afternoons. Kings Way Golf Club members and non-members make up this fun golfing group. The Monday Mavens have tee times from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Monday afternoons.
The Mavens goals are:
  • First and foremost to have a fun time and enjoy golf with social activities
  • Warmly welcome new players to the group
  • To improve our game
  • Meet other women who enjoy a relaxed 9 hole round of golf
The weekly format is a team scramble, a handicap is not necessary.
 We work to keep this group relaxed and fun.  Come when you can.  Bring friends when you want.   
Encourage friends to play especially new golfers. Great way to meet other women golfers to play with.
If you are unable to play, always feel free to join us for socializing and supper. Were done playing golf by 5:30 pm. Our plan is to complete 9 holes in 1 Hour and 45 minutes from the starting time.  We are always ready to welcome more Mavens to our gatherings.
There is a sign-up sheet in the pro shop or call 508-362-8870 to get started!
The weekly entry fee for Kings Way members is $2.00 for pro shop prizes and a 9 hole cart fee. For non-members of Kings Way, the entry fee is $24.00 includes cart plus $2.00 for pro shop prizes ($26.00 total). If you are single-player, please come by so we can introduce to you a fun group of lady golfers.
Thursday Quota League


Come Be Part of a Fun League at Kings Way
“Fun is always in full swing at Kings Way Golf Club”
Bob Miller, PGA
Who can play?
The Thursday Quota League is open to members and non-members of Kings Way Golf Club.
You must play with at least one league member to be eligible. 
When Can I Play?
You can play anytime after 9:00 am on Thursdays. Singles are welcome and will be paired with other players.
(Members groups will be arranged)
Non-member tee times are recommended.
What tees can I play?
You can play the gold tees when age plus handicap equal 85
Other players play white tees
Annual Membership League Dues
There are no annual league dues for Kings Way Golf Club full members
A one time fee for non-members is $50 - this includes a free round of golf Monday - Friday after 10:00 am


Entry Fee
Weekly entry fee for Kings Way Members is $4.00 for pro shop prizes plus cart fee.
Non - club members are $29. for 9 holes of golf, riding cart and pro shop prizes.
For the 18-hole flight, the fee is $40.


Quota Point System


The quota is a popular point system where you earn points on your score on each hole. Points are cumulated on a GROSS or NET format.
Score                    Points
  double bogey                0
  bogey                            1
  Par                                2
  Birdie                             4
  Eagle                             8


How the handicap is calculated: 
Subtracted your handicap from 36 for 18 holes. For 9 holes subtract your handicap then divide by 2. The resulting number is your quota or how many points you need. Your goal is to accumulate more points than your quota. Adjustments will be made accordingly, if necessary.
Optional Net Skins game is $3.00 per week.
Prize Distribution
Formats will vary but the top 3 individual plus quota players will receive a portion of the prize pool each week in each flight. 
*(based on the number of entries)
We will have weekly team prizes. 
2 person teams or 4 person teams
with a blind draw format. Other formats will be used during the year.
Weekly closest to the pin prize.
All prize money is in pro shop merchandise credit at Kings Way.
We will conclude the season with a special year-end event.
* You DO NOT have to commit to playing every week. Play as often as you would like.